Meet Us

friendly staff at the toy room

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose the perfect toy to fit your needs.   We love our customers and want you to feel like you are one of us when you come to shop.


When Kim isn't busy with The Toy Room she enjoys planning getaways, exploring cities, participating in urban races/scavenger hunts, playing board games with her husband & kids and having fun with her Chorkie dog, Josie.  On the top of her bucket list - competing in The Amazing Race and going sky diving. 

                  Kim was Featured in the Bethel Chamber of Commerce Podcast!
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Sara is a junior at Iona College studying Marketing. She enjoys spending time in NYC and hanging with her family and friends.  At The Toy Room, Sara is known for her bubbly personality and huge smile. 


Sarah is a senior attending St. Luke's School.  Her interests include musical theater, Disney, Harry Potter, and school.  She loves to read and chat with her friends.  She'll be heading to Barnard College after graduation


Spencer is a freshman attending Coastal Carolina University. He has a great passion for musical theater and dreams of pursuing it in college. He loves working with kids and going to Disney!  


Josie is a sweet little Chihuahua-Yorkie mix who visits the store a few times a week.  She loves to be around people and although she probably can't help answer your questions about toys she'll gladly give you free cuddles & kisses.